Meet Our Professionals atMilner Realty Inc.

Lane Skinner
Lane Skinner 601-519-7585 601-325-6176 (M)

It is my wish to help others find the perfect home or piece of property they've always wanted.

Matt Davis
Matt Davis 601-519-7585 601-573-7015 (M)

With his knowledge and passion for helping others, Matt is a perfect fit for Milner Realty, Inc., and is excited to...

Steven Milner
Steven Milner 601-941-1622 (M)

Steven Milner, Broker/Owner of Steven Milner Realty, Inc. has deep roots in Central MS. Steven graduated from Northwest...

Melanie Starnes
Melanie Starnes 601-941-1622 601-906-9899 (M)

Mel believes a home should be one that serves her clients’ needs, meets their expectations and is within their...

Ryan Henderson
Ryan Henderson 601-519-7585 601-941-2837 (M)

Over seven years of experience in real estate investing has given him a unique perspective and approach regarding...

Scotty Watts
Scotty Watts 601-519-7585 601-573-0801 (M)

Scotty lives in Brandon with his wife and two sons. Scotty spent over 30 years working in the Information...